Even the most beautiful products in the world won’t sell themselves. It’s easy to place filler content into your eCommerce but it’s more of a challenge to create great content that proves key to increasing conversion rates and sales.

Online customers are a tough sell. In the absence of the physical product, your website needs to create the illusion of a sensory experience. With the right words, your content will create this experience and set your brand above the many generic eCommerce sites out there. Your customers wouldn’t buy in person from a brand that hadn’t made an effort so don’t trick yourself into thinking you can get away with it on the web.

If you use your website content to play into peoples’ emotions, needs and desires, that will give them a reason to engage. High-quality content will establish a connection and solidify trust – a key part of conversion rates. It will encourage customers to stay and to come back again.

By using the right words at every customer touch point, you will convince your readers to believe in your brand. The rest is easy. If the only issue you want to have is finding enough time to handle all your eCommerce orders, read on…

Website Content

Your landing page needs to be akin to Mary Poppins; practically perfect in every way. Content should be sharp, focused and geared towards your end goal. Don’t ever be afraid to use your words. The online audience traditionally responds more positively to long-form content. This is great news for your brand advertising but it doesn’t mean you need to go over the top. Use your words wisely and make every one count.

In bricks and mortar stores, customers will usually have a chat with you and suss things out before deciding to purchase. Give your eCommerce this human touch by talking about your ambition and drive. A well-written, unique and insightful ‘About Us’ page will establish trust and give your audience a peek behind the scenes of your brand. Include key details about the company such as the name of the founder, how long you’ve been established and where in the world you’re based.

Product Descriptions

With every product you showcase, there’s an opportunity to tell a story. Take this chance to convey the USPs of your products with each product descriptions no longer than 150 words. This is enough to bring your products’ sensory aspect to life and maintain the readers’ attention. Every word should sell your product. Don’t get caught up in flowery, overdone language. Talk to your customers as if you were face to face. At the risk of sounding like a wannabe rapper, just keep it real.

In the absence of the real-life shopping experience, consumers are keen for a replacement. Your words should seek to emulate the smell, feel and appearance of your product and bring it to life.

In the absence of the real-life shopping experience, consumers are keen for a replacement. Your words should seek to emulate the smell, feel and appearance of your product and bring it to life. Your content should complement the feeling of transparency established throughout the rest of your site. Allow your customer to imagine the feel of a silk scarf against their skin* or the refreshing, revitalising touch** and smooth fragrance of their luxury facial oil. When your audience is so taken in by the irresistible smell/feel/look of your product, that’s when a visitor becomes a buyer.

If a product description is lazy and repetitive or filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, this will make your entire brand appear unprofessional. Many eCommerce store owners have a generic product description for all the pieces in a collection. You’ve worked hard to sell your products online, don’t give up at the final hurdle. Show your customers what you’re made of.


While generic product descriptions won’t sell your brand, neither will a blog that is not consistently updated. It’s not worth your while having a blog page just to keep up appearances. You should be updating your blog on a regular basis to keep your website moving.

Grab the chance to talk about your brand, products and industry in-depth. A great blog will encourage traffic towards your site from social media and give you something to talk about on your social channels. Your customers will be paying for your products. Show them why you’re worth it.

great content

Social Media

There are many aspects to gaining a large, dedicated brand following on social media who are keen to track your every move. Any successful social media strategy will involve writing the right content for the target audience, tailored to the behaviour of the audience on that particular channel.

Tweets with spelling mistakes and irrelevant content or overlong Facebook posts won’t help your brand. Instead, it will make you appear unprofessional and unprepared. Put thought and effort into every single post, and you’ll soon see higher engagement levels.


We could talk for hours about keywords, long-tail keywords and backlinks that all work together to enhance your SEO and sell your products. But we’ll save that for a future blog post. We will state categorically that an eCommerce without high-quality SEO is like a car without wheels: totally pointless. But SEO is a fine art and one that is constantly changing with the times.

With a strong SEO strategy incorporating backlinks, keywords of all types and intelligent coding, you’ll reach page 1 of Google before you know it. We’ve designed these for our clients and seen some great results.


The value of print marketing should never be underestimated. If you’re going to a trade show, product launch or just chatting to someone at a social event, you should always have a business card to hand. A strong company brochure (both print and online) should also be a given at business functions. Customers always want to know more about a brand they are interested in. Give the people what they want.

E-newsletters & Email Content

Despite the old-fashioned stigma surrounding newsletters, these are still an essential part of inbound marketing. When it comes to the brands we love, receiving their e-newsletter is exciting. We’re happy to hear from them. We’re smug that we get to hear about the latest offers and flash sales before everyone else.

Whether you’re seeking out new customers or maintaining connections with potential/current buyers, email will likely be your main form of communication. As such, any material you send out needs to be word-perfect. Email blasts will lose their impact without punchy wording and flawless content. Don’t miss this opportunity.

For a free website audit, get in touch today! We won’t bite (unless you like that sort of thing). What we will do is identify the weakest parts of your inbound marketing strategy and make informed suggestions to increase conversion rates and brand impact. Drop us an email: hello@tushcreative.com 

* We wrote all of the other product descriptions on this website as well. We really do practise what we preach. Take a look!

** This is another one of our clients. We write her blog. Her facial oil is fabulous! And the blog is popular too 🙂




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