It’s only fitting to start a blog about brand storytelling with a story of our own. So here goes…

A young girl dressed head to toe in winter knits and wrapped up against the chill is walking down a city street. Suddenly, something on the pavement catches her eye and she leans down to pick up a beautiful, red-leather bound notebook. Opening it, she sees all of the pages are blank and her young, carefree imagination runs wild.

She tucks the notebook under her coat and hurries home. In the days that follow, that blank white space will be filled with all the stories and adventures from her young imagination. Where there was blank space, new worlds and new characters spring up. The most raw, natural creativity is born out of an unbridled mind.

Playing the game

A recent article argued that creativity has gone out of copywriting as the influx of marketing strategies, AdWords, SEO and promotional writing makes organic content less and less attainable. I disagree. Creativity comes from passion and that is why young children, like this little girl, often tell the best stories – they are totally innocent and unconcerned by outside influences.

There is always going to be a place for high-quality copywriting. Elements such as SEO, marketing and buzzwords don’t take anything away from the world of creativity, they are just game changers. And at Tush, we’re playing the game.

Rage against the machine

Creativity and marketing strategy are hardly mutually exclusive. We are prepared to work hard and invest our time into creating content that stays up to date with trends and keeps our clients ahead of their competition. In fact, it is against this landscape that the freshest, most original content comes to the forefront. You cannot fake content that is inspired, researched and passionate, where the writer has made the effort to produce something unique and relevant that will strike a chord with their audience.

You also cannot fake talent and it is the way that we utilize our talent that the best of creativity can be conveyed. In the competitive world of content marketing, it is only the best writers that will come out fighting. It is these writers who will be able to combine all the elements that modern online content requires and still let the creativity flourish.

Break the rules

Technology changes and gives us more tools to play with but human beings stay the same. We use these developments to produce brand storytelling that plays around with convention and isn’t afraid to break it. Writers and marketers are still appealing to the base human instinct to read something that is so fantastic that they cannot resist talking about it, buying into it and sharing it. All of our content is designed to appeal to the human mind, emotions and psyche, and modern marketing doesn’t change that – it just makes it more of a challenge. Great ideas and great content will always take centre stage while mediocrity fades into the background.

We founded Tush for many reasons – one of which was to write and blog about subjects that we are experienced in and passionate about. People love honest, fresh writing that comes from the heart and doesn’t follow the copywriting rulebook that everybody else is reading.

Natural selection

When it comes to SEO, there is a reason that Google favours content that has been written naturally and for the highest readability. Content which has been packed with keywords to the point of sounding unnatural is not going to help anyone. This proves how creativity has not been stifled by content marketing strategies. It has actually been enhanced, as we consistently need to up our writing game. In the same way that technology, medicine and other industries evolve, so does the world of writing – both online and print.

It is only those writers who make the effort to evolve with that world whilst retaining their originality that deserve to be in it. Instead of squeezing the life and soul out of our copywriting, we can use this new marketing world to let it flourish. Nothing stays the same and it would be boring if it did.

Brand storytelling

The development of creative intelligence just shows us how the potential for new ideas and creativity is seemingly limitless. There is no replacement for organic, real content that comes from the heart and tumbles its way effortlessly across the page. In a landscape where we are constantly exploring new and different styles of writing, original, old-fashioned copywriting just becomes even more special.

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