Forgot what your mama told you. Sometimes it’s ok to pretend to be someone else.

As copywriters and ghostwriters, we’ve spent most of our adult lives pretending to be other people. We’ve been beauty experts, travel gurus and boutique hoteliers (that’s just a few examples). Through blogs, eBooks and print books, we’ve ghost written our way across the years.

Why Should I Hire a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter will make that “I’d really like to publish a book one-day” dream happen. They will turn your ideas into reality, and your thoughts into content. They will transform a text dump and those brilliant ideas in your head into tangible content.

So many of our clients are too busy to bring their writing dreams to fruition. Others have absolutely no idea where to start and feel apprehensive about what lies ahead. Your ghostwriter will face the fear on your behalf and put thoughts into actions. There are not enough hours in the day as it is. Hire someone who has the experience, skills and time to focus in order to help you achieve your goals.

The best ghostwriters will work together with you to:

  • Provide a framework and strategy for your ideas
  • Clarify your vision and define goals for both yourself and your readers.
  • Flesh out your strongest ideas and those that are relevant to your content or brand goals
  • Tell your story using professional, engaging wording that readers find irresistible
  • Provide the highest quality editing at the final stage to make your writing publishing-worthy – that’s spelling, grammar, tone, style, consistency, clarity and fact-checking.


Find Your Voice

Many people are afraid that their voice will be lost when handing over the writing to someone else. None of us like to give up control over our projects, especially something so personal like a book. But sometimes it’s inevitable if you want to get things done.

Just as the Pareto Principle tells us, by outsourcing your 80% this frees up your time to focus on your own 20% and your best work. It hands over the writing to the people who do it best and creates a logical pathway to the end goal.

That’s the beauty of a professional ghostwriter. He/she will take time to engage with you and your brand, translate your voice and speak to your readers in their language. The best ghostwriters will also make sure that your content is word-perfect and edited to a flawless standard.

If you were speaking in front of your audience, you wouldn’t step up to the podium with a half-prepared speech. Don’t make the mistake of being complacent with your content details.

Forever Unique

The publishing market is jam packed and publishers don’t have the time or inclination to read something that doesn’t speak directly to them and strike a chord. There is enough to read out there already for free that their job is to pick the most brilliant manuscripts out of a very large bunch.

Our ghostwriters know how to catch a publisher’s eye. We will bring out your book’s USPs – that is your best thoughts, ideas, and lessons. We work together with you to identify those USPs and draw them out to send your message in the most eloquent style.


But I Love Writing…

There is a caveat to hiring a ghostwriter. Do you like writing? Are you good at writing? Do you have time to invest into writing regular blog posts/a full eBook/a series of books that meet your personal targets? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you could write your own manuscript and  hire a ghostwriter to edit and polish it to perfection.

If you do choose to write your book yourself, it’s important to make sure that you really do have the time. It takes a huge amount of effort, investment, and headspace to create powerful content. If you’re already swamped with a to-do list that only seems to get longer, then you’re probably better off hiring a ghostwriter to take this very important job off your hands.

It also depends on your goals. If you’re writing for fun and there’s no tangible pressure then you can take your time and do it yourself. If, however, your book is designed to promote and support your products/services and brand for exceptional ROI, then it needs to be a priority. If you simply cannot allow for the time, outsource.


You and Your Ghostwriter

We offer content editing, writing and proofreading to take you from the bare bones of an idea to the finish line with publisher-worthy writing. For every project, we provide:

  • Full content writing, copy editing, and proofreading services (as required)
  • A clear timeline with achievable goals
  • Creative input and clarity
  • Honest feedback
  • Flawless content

Our process varies from client to client but we usually work through face-to-face, Skype, and telephone meetings. We don’t just take an idea and run with it using our own voice. That’s not what we are hired to do!

We write and edit fiction and non-fiction. We can work with you at any stage of your writing, from the initial concept and creative development all the way to editing of the final manuscript. If you’ve written the content already and want someone to edit and make it publish-worthy, we can do that too.

Our recent ghostwriting projects include a business and mindfulness manual for a marketing company and a fiction novel set on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Could your book be next?

For samples of our ghostwriting work, drop an email to with a couple of sentences on your project and we’ll ping a relevant selection of examples your way.

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