During a recent online shopping adventure, I came across an eCommerce selling extremely gorgeous footwear. Their website was bright, beautiful and very inviting. Inevitably, it wasn’t long before I came across a pair of shoes that I couldn’t live without. I was tempted to buy them on the spot but something stopped me.

Mind The Gap

The price tag was higher than I would have usually paid so I wanted to justify my purchase. I needed to have some sort of rationalization for why I was spending a significant chunk of my hard-earned cash when I could buy a similar pair of shoes in New Look for half the price.

In the absence of the customer-facing, personal contact you would have in a physical shop, I wanted to know more about this online brand.

I wanted this gap to be filled.

Story Time

The key word here is passion. Running an eCommerce is no mean feat. You’ve worked hard to build up your brand and the determination is there. You just need to make sure that you shout about it.

Every brand has a story and your customers want to hear it. You know the one – the story about the blood, sweat and tears that were shed on your journey to get where you are today. The story of the pure, unadulterated energy that goes into every single piece you create.

It is this story that creates the customer connection. Customers may well fall in love with your products but if they fall in love with your brand, then you’re on the home stretch.

How can you create this connection? With good old-fashioned eCommerce content that will grab your reader by the hands, pull them into your website and leave them dancing in the wonderful disco that is your brand.

eCommerce content

Content That Makes A Connection

If you want to create authentic, long-term customer relationships, always remember the following:

  1. Keep it fresh, clean and simple

Every single word on your website should be finely tuned to your target audience, from the product names and descriptions all the way down to the calls to action. People want something compelling, something that will catch their eye, resonate deeply and make it worth their attention. It needs to be easy to read with no generic words or phrases. The best content will always be both interesting and unique. You’ve worked hard to create products that stand out; make sure the words accompanying them do them justice.

  1. Make the connection

Make sure you know exactly who you are appealing to. Picture your ideal buyer, or even sketch them on paper if you work well with visuals. By using the style of language and wording that appeals personally and directly to your target demographic, you will encourage the emotional connection. Creating a personal relationship with your customers is the key step in converting browsers to buyers.

  1. Play on the emotions

Emotional language that really conveys the sensory aspect (i.e. the look and feel) of your products works wonders. By creating an experience for your clients and playing into their imagination, you will bring out the unique exceptional qualities of your products and make them something that your clients need in their lives. Physical shops introduce scents specifically designed to entice customers; online, your words work to recreate that sensory experience and complete a sale.

  1. Be adventurous

Venturing away from a classic tone and standard wording in your website or eCommerce content may feel a bit daunting, but the best quality content needs to consistently convey the unique selling point of your product in whatever way is necessary. Be humorous. Be quirky. Be outlandish. It’s your brand and you can be whatever you want to be. Always keep your ideal customer in mind as this will enable you to naturally tailor your website content to appeal to their base emotions, instincts and desires. Your ultimate aim is to sell your product, so make sure that your wording really shows why it’s worth buying.

  1. Anticipate key questions…

…and answer them. Your customers want information about the products; they do not want to be left hanging. Imagine what a potential customer might ask you if they were in a physical shop and include all the information in an appealing, exciting fashion. Enticing, well-written content will help the customer to understand why your products are so fabulous and will ultimately leave them feeling as if their life would be incomplete without them.

  1. Keep the message fluid

Above all, your customers want to feel that you understand what is truly important to them. Maintaining a clear, fluid brand image and interweaving this naturally into the key messaging throughout your website will create a brilliant communications package and clear connection. Your customers are not just buying your products, they are buying into your brand, so a fluid message will ensure that they can get to know your brand from the bottom up.

eCommerce content

Forget Me Not

By sticking to the above points, you will be able to tell your story using compelling, quality website content that encapsulates your brand identity.

Once you’ve firmly established that connection, visitors become buyers and word gets round about just how fabulous your e-commerce is. Customers will remember your site when they’re cooking dinner, walking the dog or out having drinks. They will mention it to friends and shout about it on social media.

All of the most popular brands out there have a Unique Selling Point that comes down to one thing – they are unforgettable. When your brand is unforgettable, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

And no, I didn’t buy the shoes.

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