Imagine your brand is a person. Now imagine that person walking down the catwalk at London Fashion Week. You need to get the right people talking. You need all eyes on you.

Content is your FROW

There are many similarities between a catwalk show and content marketing. Content is the FROW of your brand. It is one of the very first things that people see and engage with.

With both channels, there are trends that are here to stay and trends that pass by.

By understanding content marketing from the catwalk perspective, brand owners can capitalise on the elements that work best for them and use these to create a powerful strategy.

Fashion Brand Marketing

As we detailed in a previous blog post, there are many trends in both fashion and marketing that provide a solid base for all strategies. Think regular blogging, original content and basic SEO  – or the LBD and oversized knits, from a fashion point of view. These are the elements that are here to stay and should be present in every part of your content strategy.

Writing is also one of them. While it might seem obvious that the most important part of copywriting is powerful and original wording, this notion often becomes lost among the noise of competitive content marketing.

Keep it at the forefront of your strategy, and you’re already at an advantage.

remarkable content

Acknowledge Trends

Content marketing trends – like fashion trends – are ever evolving, from episodic and 10x content to sales strategy integration.

Include the essentials in your content strategy – that’s SEO, blogging and regular, fresh output – then integrate these with the current trends that work best for your unique brand ambitions.

This is the most effective way to harness the most up to date content marketing techniques for your own brand success. Your multi-level strategy should take the most powerful and most relevant trends in both traditional and modern marketing to do the job.

If you need to create a content marketing strategy and have no idea where to begin, click here to contact the Tush team.

Remember, when you do it yourself a bit of trial and error will inevitably come into play. If you find that a trend doesn’t work for you, try a different approach before removing it entirely from your strategy.

Make it Remarkable

The best outfits on the catwalk are those that people cannot stop talking about. The same should be said of your content.

remarkable content

The trend for Remarkable Content is not going anywhere. This means the highest quality content production that will win the battle for consumer attention and gain traction in the competitive online world.

Think content that is unafraid to offer a unique perspective. Content that your readers will be dying to share across their social media channels and talk about it to their friends.

Remarkable content takes the most captivating industry issues and talks about them in a way guaranteed to get their audience thinking and talking.

Create Consumable Content

Remarkable content should be presented in the most consumable way with infographics, visuals and any other interactive element to illustrate the point and liven up your approach.

Consumable content also means putting mobile first in your marketing strategy. The world moves fast and everyone wants results yesterday. Mobile and tablet usage and ad spend are increasing all the time. Make the most of it by ensuring that your brand website and blog are fully responsive and easy to consume.

With millennials as a key consumer segment, this will help to secure a competitive advantage.

remarkable content

Be Direct

When those beautiful models go sashaying down the catwalk in their enviable outfit, every person in the front row wants to reach out and touch it. Avoid the scattergun approach and adopt a strategic viewpoint to content creation. This is crucial to ensure consumers are directly involved with your content – another key trend.

Remarkable content doesn’t come easy but it can be achieved if your audience and goals are clearly defined, and every word is absorbing.

Create content that indulges that elusive desire for more. Create content so good they can’t ignore you. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

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