A brilliant post that we saw recently on a wellness blog talked all about reconnecting with your inner child and adopting a more carefree attitude in order to deal with the difficulties that life throws at us.

While we wouldn’t suggest randomly bursting into song, eating jam straight from the jar or splashing around in puddles (as the blog advises), we would suggest taking one very salient point from this article – the ability to pose the question: “Why not?”

The Sound of Silence

By asking this question, you will unconsciously adopt a fearless mindset that will help to build up your brand without any limits. If you adopt the “Why not?” approach as a key player in your brand’s communication marketing strategy, you can build up content and communication that is honest and fresh, just like a child’s outlook.

The trouble is, sometimes you will know exactly what you want to say and exactly how you want to present yourself to customers but you just cannot put it into words. Or you put it into words and it just doesn’t come out the way that you want it to.

From Concept to Content

That’s why wonderful copywriters like Tush will do the job for you. We work with clients who know what they want, clients who think they know what they want and clients who have no idea what they want. But they all have one thing in common – a desire to make the most of their brand paired with a determination to use the right wording to achieve their aims.

Talk to your Target Market and only your Target Market

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that the more people they reach, the better. Businesses will by nature have a targeted audience and a very specific calibre of potential clients – all of these people have distinctive types of language that they respond to and wording that will entice them. Our copywriters take your business and audience, analysing them from the inside out in order to work out exactly what makes them tick and will grab their attention.

Find your Audience, and Make your Audience Find you

Original content with effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will get credit from Google the way that rewritten or duplicated content never will. Don’t harbour the illusion that any old wording will simply conjure up customers. SEO content will use keywords to seek out and target your audience directly, talking to them in the language that they understand and making the whole process of discovering and falling in love with your business/products/services as natural as can be.

Act as a Crucial Player in your Overall Content Marketing Strategy

Clean, useful and information-packed copy that is relevant and engaging will act as a powerful element of any marketing strategy. Do you think Starbucks made it to the top because their coffee is so much better than any other outlet? No; it’s because they have some of the best marketing in the business and they know how to use language to make their customers feel good.

With the right words, you can transform your brand into an intelligent, interesting industry leader. Your new and improved content will increase awareness of, response to and sales for your brand.

We’re not saying it’s easy to do but that’s why Tush will do it for you. We know the business of copywriting and how to make your words have their desired effect. Plus, we’re more than happy to show off on your behalf.

As Nike proved when they told millions of customers the world over to “Just Do It” it only takes a few words to make a strong impact. It’s just up to you to make sure you have the most skilled writers.

For more advice on using words in your marketing strategy, contact our copywriters today! Just email: hello@tushcreative.com 

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